Reviewing Books

Hello! Since reviewing books is one of my goals for this blog, I thought it would be helpful to show how I rate books. Below you will find a breakdown of the individual elements I examine when reviewing a book. I chose to use pink hearts to fit the theme of this blog, they indicate how much or how little I enjoyed each element. 🙂

  • 1 heart = I really did not like this. There was something very wrong, something made no sense, or angered me in a way I didn’t appreciate.
  • 2 hearts = I didn’t love this aspect, and it lowered my view of the book, but it wasn’t the worst. If I could, I would edit this aspect to make the book better.
  • 3 hearts = I liked this aspect of the book, it was good, but wasn’t great.
  • 4 hearts = I really liked this aspect of the book, but something small was missing that’s keeping it from five hearts.
  • 5 hearts = I loved this aspect of the book! Something stuck out to me, or I thought the author did a fantastic job at using this aspect.

At the end of each book review, you’ll see the picture below, addressing the aspects and using the hearts as above. I will elaborate on what I’m looking for in each aspect after that.


(The above breakdown is an example)

PLOT: This aspect is all about the plot of the book. Did I like the action that drove the story? Did I like the conflict? Did I like the beginning, middle, and end? Did I like the plot devices that were used? This section will also discuss world building & setting.

CHARACTERS: This aspect is all about the characters. Did I like them? What did I think of the main character? Were they easy to relate to? Were they believable? Did I like the way they were portrayed?

RELATIONSHIPS: This is very important to me! I love books with good relationships. They don’t have to be positive but I do want them to be believable. Did the dialogue and interactions between characters work? Did I believe their motives, personalities, etc.? Were they unique? Did I enjoy reading them?

WRITING STYLE: This section is all about how the author wrote. Did they use beautiful language? Was the story littered with metaphors that didn’t make sense? Did I like the point of view they chose to write from? What was word choice like?

PACING: This is a smaller section, as it’s just what it says, but it’s still very important. Was the book paced well? Were the plot elements paced well? Did we start off with a long stretch of nothing and then have huge plot twist after plot twist? That’s what I’ll consider here.

RECOMMEND? This is simple! One heart means I would not recommend this book, whereas five hearts means I cannot stop recommending the book.

OVERALL: This is a summary of all of the elements put together to give an overall rating. Just because one aspect wasn’t as liked as others, doesn’t mean I can’t give a high overall rating. This is also where I’ll add any little “others” as some books have unique aspects that I’ll want to discuss. 🙂