Akagera Day 2 & 3

Hey guys! So, once again I’m a little behind on blogging but it’s a busy time right now with packing and getting ready to leave for Ghana. I cannot believe my time here is ending. It seems like we just got here. 
Anyway, this blog is going to be relatively short because really I think the pictures speak a thousand words more and I’m not going to be able to add them until I get back to the States. So, here we go.

Akagera was amazing. Not only were the views absolutely stunning, but so were the moments just in the hotel balcony looking at the stars. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life. It was mesmerizing. 

Then there were the animal encounters. We saw so many animals, though we didn’t get to see the big five. We saw tons of giraffes and even had lunch on the plains right near them. We saw the black rhino mama and her baby, which was very special as they just arrived. We saw more zebras than I could ever imagine. We saw tons of antelopes, topis, impalas, water buffalo, water bucks, bush bucks, warthogs, and even one elephant far in the distance. He waved his ears at us, it was cute. We also saw hippos, tons of birds, butterflies, and beetles. 

Akagera just reminded me so much of how amazing God is. He created all these animals, and there’s nothing like riding on the roof of a safari jeep, dust in your eyes and teeth, watching them roam. I also just loved spending time with our group, sharing stories and bonding during the slower parts where less animals were present. 

Akagera was one of my favorite trips during our spring term, and I’m really glad we went. 

That’s all for now, 



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