An open letter to KICS,

What can I say about KICS? I am truly, truly, truly grateful for the opportunity to volunteer in the school for just a few days. I didn’t realize just how impactful working in a Christian based school would be. I am floored. I am excited to add photos of this experience because I think they speak a thousand words, but allow me to try to force words to make sense for this.
I had the privilege of working in the pre-kites classroom (pre-k) with Mrs. Devescovi, and what a treat that was. The classroom was beautifully decorated and had a lovely little playground that made the most of space available. The classroom offered puzzles such as Noah’s Arc and Jonah and the Whale, it offered a dramatic play center, fantastic blocks, and an assortment of children’s books from around the world. 

The classroom was immediately inviting, but what really made all the difference was the people who worked, and learned, and played there. The little pre-kites were the most remarkable children I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. Three times a day I got to listen to them pray for everyone and everything you can imagine. I watched as they danced and lifted their hands in praise to God during praise and worship time. I laughed with joy as they acted out Daniel in the Lions Den, and Jonah and the Whale. I found myself welcomed into their world as they asked to play “saloon” and style my hair, fed me at the most amazing restaurants, and entrusted me with drawing hearts for them (a very special privilege, I am told.) 

It was remarkable. Each day I found myself more and more amazed with these little ones understandings of who they are in Christ, and who Christ is for them. If Mrs. Devescovi has done nothing else, she has given them one of the best foundations for living a Christ based life I have ever seen. (And believe me when I say she has done much, much more than that. This woman is remarkable, her story is remarkable, and never have I seen so many itty bitty’s able to tie their shoes as in this classroom.) 

I found myself in a new element working at KICS. I found myself noticing God in every single situation. Whether it was praying for boo-boos or simply watching and observing the way the children respected one another during play time, His presence was always there. 

I don’t know where God will lead me next, but I know that if I end up in a classroom like the pre-kites, I will be infinitely filled with joy. And that’s not to say there aren’t challenges. There are. Resources are readily available like in the US, most of the children are third culture kids with their own sets of special needs, and Rwanda is still developing, though at a steady and incredible rate. However, KICS is a community that has learned to tackle challenges with scripture, love, and life. I couldn’t ask for a better way of handling things. 

Despite being there for only such a short time, I can truly say that KICS, and my precious pre-kite family, have blessed me in the most beautiful and remarkable way.

Thank you, and I hope to visit again as soon as possible. You’re all amazing, and I pray you continue to grow, expand, and follow Christ’s plan for you. From an outsiders perspective, I can truly say that the work you’re doing is impactful, meaningful, and so incredibly rare. 

All my love,



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