Akagera, Day 1

Hi guys! So finally, a current blog post. I’m so sorry for how delayed my posts have been, and for publishing like 8 today. However, I wanted to chat about today.
It was so cool! We arrived at the Akagera Game Lodge this morning and its stunningly beautiful. It has a great swimming pool, fantastic food, and really nice rooms. But what’s cooler is that we already have seen so many animals. Just swimming in the pool we got to see a ton of baboons, and baby baboons. They even climbed onto the playground to play. How awesome is that? 

Before swimming though, we went on a boat tour of Ihema Lake, the second largest lake in Rwanda. On the way to the boats we saw zebras (so close you could identify the differences in their stripes), impalas, bush bucks, a ton of birds and bugs and butterflies, baboons, impalas, and a lone water buffalo. (Everyone wants a water buffalo! Veggie Tales anyone?)

Then we got to the boat, and it was really nice. Our guide, Emmanuel, was so friendly and would stop so we could see the animals and take pictures. I’m taking all my photos on my real camera, so they won’t be uploaded for a while but I’ll add them, I promise. 

In the water we saw tons of hippos! They were so cute and their ears are so funny. They’d pop up out of the water and one even came so close we could see it under the water and had to move the boat rather abruptly to avoid being bumped. We saw tons more birds, even the Ugandan crane. We saw a gazelle, termite mounds, and a few crocodiles too. We also saw an entire herd of water buffalo. 

It truly was a one of a kind experience. And driving back we saw even more animals. We saw more zebras, a huge herd of impalas, mountain monkeys, and of course, more baboons. 

Tomorrow we are going out all day long. Hopefully we will see giraffes, lions, zebras, and more. Akagera also has all of the big five back! They just got new lions and new black rhinos last week, and they said now is the best time to look for them. Fingers crossed that we will see all of the big five. 

The big five are:

Black Rhinos, Lions, Leopards, Elephants, And Water Buffalo (check!) 

Wish us luck! Thanks for reading.

Oh! And, from our balcony in the hotel room we can see so many stars, and the milkway is visible too. It’s incredible. I’ve never seen the stars so clearly in my life, as if this park wasn’t already such a display of how remarkable nature is. 

All my love,



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